Darker than Black has lots of hot people



Yeah, remember where I sort of, kind of alleged I’d be heading off for sleep in my last post? I then remembered how ridiculously hot one of the new characters in Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini is.


She’s strong, and she’s no-nonsense. She holds her own perfectly well against Hei in a fight. She also has this wicked awesome suit. I’d hit that… with a truck. Hurrr.

But Darker than Black has always had a pretty good track record with attractive characters, especially strong female ones.


Hot scientist lady? Yes please. I was so bummed when she got killed in the second episode, I really liked her quite a bit.


And one cannot forget Section Chief Kirihara! She’s competent, she can shoot, she’s got a cool head on her shoulders… what’s not to like? I love her pantsuit~


Kirihara’s friend Kanami is pretty cute, too. She’s an astronomer; I wanted to be an astronomer when I was a little kid before I realized the ridiculous amounts of math involved.

And lest one think Darker than Black is limited only to making attractive females…


I actually like him a bit better with his clothes on – I kind of have a thing about suits, in case you haven’t noticed. But, hey, a naked is fine too. November 11 doesn’t just get by with a pretty face, though, I thought he was pretty badass… and he had a great death scene.

What about Hei? Hei in his “I’m a harmless student with part-time jobs!” mode is kind of moe, in a way. Or something like that.

However, let us return to the matter of the ladies – the ladies of Darker than Black aren’t just hot because of how they look; instead, its the totality of their characters. They are all independent characters, not the moe sops you get in so many shows these days. They don’t trip over thin air, they can hold their own in a fight, and they both look and act their age. Basically… they’re really fucking cool. So, I guess that means really fucking cool = hot. I can roll with that.

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7 Responses to Darker than Black has lots of hot people

  1. Shin says:

    I personally think Hei’s rather dashing with his new, washed out hobo look.

    • 2DT says:

      I find it repulsive. You’d think the Syndicate did his clothes shopping for him, the way that coat’s gotten lately. Or maybe it was Huang… Poor, ugly Huang.

  2. schneider says:

    I thought collarbone fujoshi whatshername was pretty moe, though.

    @ Shin

    I miss Li-kun ;_;

  3. Gunstray says:

    Im still pissed off they killed April.

  4. Baka-Raptor says:

    I wanted to be an astronomer when I was a little kid before I realized the ridiculous amounts of math involved. field had been shrinking rapidly since the end of the Cold War and if I wanted to get a job I’d better study something in higher demand.

  5. Misu says:

    Misaki Kirihara is my favorite character from Darker than Black. Hei’s little sis was pretty cool too, I think.

  6. jaycee says:

    yeah I only have to agree,
    my fave char is hei especially when he’s in li shengshun mode

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