Galilei Donna at a Glance

galilei donna ep 1

Cutest mech A.I. ever.

Let’s just clear this up right off the bat – if Galileo does have descendants (and he may not, honestly – he had children, but I haven’t found a shred of evidence that they had children, and two of his three conclusively did not), by now he would likely have thousands of descendants. So all the bits in the episode where the fact that the three heroines are his descendants is super silly and made me roll my eyes pretty hardcore.

Moving along, wow, what the fuck? I have no idea what on earth this show is even about, other than that it is about three sisters whose surname is ‘Ferrari’ (no, really), and who some guy is after because they are descended from Galileo, and this guy thinks Galileo left some sort of inheritance. Of course, I am sure that he did leave something behind that is worth something big, because, well, its that sort of show – you just know there is an inheritance even if the protagonists don’t know it themselves.

For all that I’m baffled about what I even watched, I actually did like it quite a bit, enough that I’d slot it as my second-favorite premiere thus far. We meet the entire family here, mom, dad, and daughters, and they’re almost all fairly memorable (sister Kazuki’s a bit too quiet here to be noteworthy at all). What I really appreciated, though, was that, even as all three of the sisters got into jams over the course of the episode, not once did we have a male character stepping in to save them – talk about refreshing! It probably sounds a bit nitpicky to point to that, but its just so thrilling for a change to have female characters who are competent enough to either get themselves out of a bad situation or to get their friend or family out of a bad situation.

And then there’s the youngest sister, Hozuki, and her mech modeled after a goldfish. The screenshot above shows its A.I. system, and I really do love it.

There is some really stupid junk in the mix, too, though – the cops are apparently too slow to pick up on the fact that the three girls are sisters before their mother explicitly states it, even as the cops were the ones who called the mother in. They also pull a, “Oh, Galileo? Aww, who cares, not like he’s anything important!” moment that is just pure foolishness, certainly all the more so since its not at all something you could picture anyone actually saying.

Anyway, I’m excited to see where this one goes, and really looking forward to next week for it.


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